Azure projects

azure-resourcemanager-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for Azure ResourceManager informations (infos, quotas, limits, usages, public IPs, portscanner)

azure-metrics-exporter (github repository)

Azure Monitor metrics exporter for Prometheus with dimension support, template engine and ServiceDiscovery

azure-keyvault-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for Azure Keyvault entries (expiry date)

azure-resourcegraph-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for Azure ResourceGraph queries

azure-loganalytics-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for Azure LogAnaylytics (Kusto queries)

azure-devops-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for Azure DevOps (VSTS) including agent pools, builds, releases, deployments, pullrequests and repo stats

azure-auditor (github repository)

Audit service for Azure cloud with Prometheus violation metrics

azure-scheduledevents-manager (github repository)

Azure Scheduledevents manager for kubernetes and VMs (automatic drain and Prometheus metrics)

azure-janitor (github repository)

Janitor for Azure Resources, ResourceGroups, Deployments and RoleAssignments by ttl

Kubernetes projects

helm azure-keyvault (github repository)

Helm plugin and standalone tool for Azure - injecting Azure information and KeyVault secrets into files using go template engine

azure-k8s-autopilot (github repository)

K8S operator for Azure VMSS/VM for automatic repair and update

kube-bootstrap-token-manager (github repository)

Manager for Kubernetes bootstrap tokens with cloud support

kube-kube-pool-manager (github repository)

Manages Kubernetes pools (annotation, labels, roles, configSource) by any node spec (json path support)

General projects

Dockerfile (github repository)

Dockerfiles from WebDevOps for PHP, Apache and Nginx

public-holiday-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for public holidays

deadmanssnitch-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for DeadMansSnitch

shelly-plug-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for Shelly plugs

gq-gmc-exporter (github repository)

Prometheus exporter for GQ GMC (Geiger–Muller counter) devices

go-crond (github repository)

Cron daemon written in golang (for eg. usage in docker images)

go-sync (github repository)

CLI synchronization utility to sync project files and databases for your local project with SSH and Docker support